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Mexico Venture Capital Conference helps startups and investors interested in Mexico and LatAm to catalyze innovation and democratize capital access.

We emerged in 2010 as the first Venture Capital conference in the country and this year we partnered with the Business Families Foundation to allow investors to network with global-reaching families. This year's program will be part of INCmty, an entrepreneurship festival that gathers more than 12,000 entrepreneurs looking for growth opportunities, connections and inspiration.

What we look for:

  • to promote the on-going funding
  • to easily offer investments and exits give useful connections and resources to every player in the entrepreneurship world


  • networking
  • keynotes
  • interviews
  • workshops
  • pitches
  • and more

This year we’ll have the participation of Silicon Valley Investors, including:

  • Tim Draper. Founder / Managing Partner of Draper Associates and DFJ.
  • Sam Altman. President of Y Combinator.

If you’re an investor, you will find valuable investment and fundraising opportunities.

If you’re a startup, you’ll be able to expose your project to a selected group of investors.

Please sign-up and stay tuned for updates and further information.